Regardless of age, whether you live on your own or with others, there is always a risk that you may need assistance. Our personal alarm service provides you with the reassurance that help is available 24hours a day, enabling you to remain independent at home.

By pressing a discreet button on your pendant, Fold's personal alarm will link you directly to a Call Advisor who will offer advice and arrange any additional support you require.

You can be assured that with over 23,000 people throughout Ireland using our services, Fold TeleCare can provide you with the support you require, when you need it.


Instant response - our skilled call advisors respond to your call offering immediate reassurance and support.

Personal service - friendly and efficient service.

We won't leave you - Our Call Advisor will remain on the line with you.

Complete reassurance - 24 hour link to Fold’s Monitoring Centre.

Easy installation - Our engineer will install your Personal Alarm for you.


The CareClip is a wearable, mobile device enabling you to easily access help away from home. Features such as help button, location, monitoring, fall detection, boundary alerts and two-way speech ensure carers can respond quickly. They can access this information on a smartphone app.

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Fold CareClip