Pendant Alarms | Lilfeline | Fold Telecare

Instant Response

By pressing your personal pendant alarm a call is made, via the base unit, to Fold's Monitoring Centre, in Dublin. Our Monitoring Centre is permanently staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by a team of dedicated Call Advisors waiting to answer your call. Personal Service

Our team of Call Advisors will have your details to hand whenever you use your personal alarm. They will ask if you are okay and can contact a friend, relative, GP or the emergency services on your behalf.

We Won't Leave You

The Call Advisor will not end your call until you are happy, or help arrives.

Easy Installation

A member of our support team will arrange for one of our Telecare Support Officers to visit you and install your personal alarm. They will also demonstrate to you how to use your personal pendant alarm.

Complete Reassurance

Your personal alarm provides you with a 24 hour link to our Monitoring Centre, giving you theĀ  reassurance that you can raise a call for help from anywhere within your home and even your garden. If you cannot speak to us directly we will arrange for someone to check on you.