Introducing Fold’s CareClip Service

Fold TeleCare, supports over 23,000 people through our award winning personal alarms service throughout Ireland. We’re delighted to introduce our new CareClip Service which will give users easy access to help through Fold’s TeleCare Response Centre, not only when you are at home but also when you are out and about.

How does it work?

When you are at home the CareClip device should be placed on the charger at all times and the wristband should be worn. When you are going out, you wear your CareClip. It is designed to be worn on an item of clothing and can easily be attached using the clip-on mechanism. Alternatively it can be worn on a lanyard around the neck.

To activate a panic alert you simply press the silver button on the front of the CareClip device. You will feel a vibration as an instant alert call is made to Fold’s TeleCare Response Centre.

A Fold TeleCare Call Advisor will speak to you and will offer immediate reassurance and support. They can arrange for a friend, neighbour or relative to check on you, or if required the advisor can contact the emergency services on your behalf.

CareClip Boundaries

The beauty of the CareClip is that it works outside the home using GPS technology. Boundary areas can be set up on the CareClip which, if breached, will send an alert in the usual way to Fold’s TeleCare Response Centre. If you wish to set up boundaries for your safety and protection, the Fold Support Officer will do this at the home visit to explain how the CareClip works.

The CareClip App

The CareClip uses smartphone technology. There is a dedicated CareClip App which allows you or your contacts to view your CareClip information on a Smartphone.

Who's it for?

Fold’s CareClip is designed to support everyone, inside and outside the home. The CareClip supports independence for you, increasing your confidence with the knowledge that help is available should you need it.

It also provides peace of mind for your family and carers, knowing that you can retain some freedom with the reassurance that support is available around the clock wherever their location.


CareClip ROI Monthly Plan


by Direct Debit
Your initial charge will be
€110.70 which includes your installation and set up