Step 1 - What do I need?

We will need to install your personal alarm unit close to your master phone socket and an electrical socket is required within six feet (2m) on the same wall; this is to reduce tripping hazards. You will have to provide us with a minimum of one named key holder, who can be contacted and who will be able attend if required in an emergency.

Step 2 - Installation of your personal alarm

It's easy, one of our Telecare Support Officers will call out at a time that suits you and install your pendant alarm service. Our engineer will give you the option to wear the pendant as a wrist strap or on a neck cord. If you wish for a friend or relative to be present that is fine, we can even arrange the appointment through them.
Telecare Pendant Alarms | Lifeline

Step 3 - Raising an alarm call from your personal alarm

If you need help, an alarm call can be easily raised from anywhere in the home or garden (up to 50 metres coverage) simply by pressing the button on your pendant, or by using the large illuminated red button on the base unit.

Step 4 - Help is called

Your personal alarm automatically calls Fold’s Monitoring Centre, where a trained Call Advisor  answers your call offering immediate reassurance and support. They will know who you are, as your details are displayed on their computer (Your details are supplied to us when you join the service). The Call Adviser will speak to you via the loudspeaker in the base unit and can hear you through a  powerful microphone. After establishing the reason for you call, our Call Advisor will provide you with the most appropriate help and assistance. We can arrange for a friend, neighbour or relative to check on you, and can even contact your GP or emergency services on your behalf.

If our call advisor can't hear you or you are unable to respond, we will ask one of your key holders  to check on you. For any reason your key holders are not available we will contact the emergency services. You can rest assured our team will do everything to ensure you are okay.

Step 5 - Help arrives

Our Call Advisor will remain on the phone with you until help arrives, providing complete peace of mind to you and your family.
All Calls to Fold TeleCare's Monitoring Centre are recorded for the purpose of improving the quality of the services we provide, and may be used for quality and training purposes.