CareClip Testimonials

Mr Hopkins is a 72 year old widower living on his own with limited family support. His only son lives in Canada and since Mr Hopkins’ recent fall he has been concerned for his father’s safety and wellbeing. Recently Mr Hopkins fell outside his home and could not call for assistance. Following his fall Mr Hopkins was nervous of going outside alone, this lead to him researching different devices that could help him call for help outside so he could regain his confidence. The device he chose was Fold’s CareClip. Below you can read in the words of Mr Hopkins how the CareClip has helped him feel as safe as ever.

Why did you get the CareClip?

About a month ago I was putting out the bins. My right knee collapsed underneath me and I fell on top of the smaller green recycling boxes. My leg went right through the box and I got hurt quite badly, because the box had been crushed it had smashed and sharp bits of shard plastic had cut into me, on my leg, shin, knee and stomach. Because I was hurt so badly I couldn’t get myself back up so I was lying out in the cold and the rain for 45 minutes, bleeding. Thankfully, my neighbour eventually seen me and was able to get me help.

Where did you hear about the CareClip?

After my fall I was nervous and scared to go out alone just in case something similar happened, so I went onto the internet and started searching for something that would make me feel safe again and give me back my confidence. That’s when I found Fold’s CareClip.

How have you found the CareClip?

I feel safe, extremely safe, inside and outside my home. I know that no matter what happen’s help will always be on hand at the press of a button. It’s gave me my confidence back and I’m not afraid to go places alone, I feel safer everywhere, even in my car. It’s such a great device and so easy to work, from the different functions to the speaker making it easy for me to hear the person at the other end.

Has it given your family piece of mind?

As you know my son lives in Canada and was very worried about me after I told him about my fall. Once I got the CareClip and explained to him what it does it eased his mind a lot. He’s calling me more often now to check up on me but because he is so far away the CareClip has definitely gave him peace of mind.

Do you believe the CareClip is value for money?

What else can you get today that gives you piece of mind whenever you’re out and about. It really is one of a kind.


TeleCare Testimonials

Mrs Reid is 80 years old and lives at home with her 85 year old husband. Mrs Reid had previously broken her hip after a bad fall and had to go through extensive surgery.

Why did you get the personal Alarm?

A few years ago I fell in the garden and shattered my femur bone, I was in so much pain and no one knew I had fallen because I was outside. If I had had the pendant at that time I would have been able to get the help that I needed immediately. My daughter wanted me to get a pendant alarm button then but I never really thought that I needed it.

Where did you hear about the Personal Alarm?

I saw an advertisement in the Belfast Telegraph Magazine and given my previous fall I started to consider getting myself and my husband an alarm. My daughter was very keen for me to get a Personal Alarm to give her peace of mind.

How have you found the Personal Alarm?

Honestly, it has been tremendous! I had another fall in December 2016. This time I dislocated my hip. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I do silly things but I only twisted around to get a drink of water and that’s how it happened. I was in a huge amount of pain; the first thing I did was push my button. It felt like everything happened in seconds; my daughter arrived at the same time as the paramedics and they took care of me. I was in hospital for a few days.

Was the call advisor helpful?

The call advisor was extremely helpful and very understanding. My unit is downstairs but when I pushed the button in my bedroom which is upstairs, I could hear the call advisor and they could hear me, they rang the emergency services right away and stayed on the phone with me until the paramedics arrived.

The call advisors ring me every month to check that my pendant is working and they are all very nice. They also ring me on my birthday which is lovely.

Has it given your family peace of mind?

It has really given my family a lot of peace of mind. My daughter Donna knows if I need help I can press my button and someone will always be there.It evens works when I’m out in my garden.

Do you believe the Personal Alarm is value for money?

Yes, the service really isn’t expensive. It’s less than £10 per month for 24 hour support every day. I was telling my friend about it not too long ago – it is definitely money well spent!

Would you recommend the service?

I would definitely recommend the service to anyone! Especially if they are living alone as it makes you feel more secure knowing that if you need help you can get it at any time day or night.


"Everything is great with the service, couldn't be happier" - Mrs Given, Dublin 9


"Great service, I even got a phone call on my birthday which was a lovely gesture" - Mrs Fitzgerald, Kerry


"Really appreciate the on-going support the service provides for my mother. The fact that the service is available over 24hours is a great benefit, can't praise the service and staff highly enough" - Mrs Tully, Cavan