Service Level Agreement

•    Assess and install alarm equipment to suit your needs and advise you how to use it.
•    Will provide a 24hr response service every day of the year monitored by Fold’s Monitoring centre.
•    Following a call, and taking your wishes into account, will take appropriate action, such as contacting GP’s Relatives, Emergency services or contacts as required.
•    Undertake to contact you approximately on a 12 monthly basis or as required to test and check your equipment and personal details to ensure we maintain accurate information and review your service requirements.
•    Make arrangements to respond to any maintenance problems and resolve them as set down with in our Code of Practice. Fold are not responsible for faults beyond our control such as with Telephone & Electricity Service.
•    Charge for the installation and service provision from the date of installation to date of termination as detailed in Payment Options Form TSO: 015.
•    In the rare event of us needing to suspend or vary the service we will contact you prior to such action being taken.  Occasionally we may have to make changes to this agreement to improve our service to you. We will notify you in advance of any changes
•    Record all calls to the Telecare Centre. All data will be held and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
•    A seven day cooling off period exists.  Should you be dissatisfied with the service or equipment provided you may cancel the service without penalty within 7 calendar days from the date of installation.
        I AGREE TO
•    Enter into a minimum three month service contract with Fold, excluding the seven day cooling off period
•    Test the pendant on a monthly basis and inform Fold of any changes in my details or contacts held by them.
•    Allow access to Fold Staff to service or uplift equipment.
•    To take reasonable care of the equipment installed in my home as this remains the property of Fold Telecare.
•    Agree to payments for provision of service as per the individual payment plan.
•    Inform Fold of my intention to have the service terminated by pressing my emergency button or phoning ( NI 028 9039 7103 or ROI 01 670 4114)
•    To appoint ………………………………. as my representative to safeguard my interests and act on my behalf (If applicable).

Payment for Service

Payment for this service is in advance. Should the service contract be terminated within the billing period any remaining credit will be refunded to the bill payer. Please contact the Service Desk for further information NI 028 9039 7103 or ROI 01 670 4114.


If you have a complaint with the service, you can contact us in any of the following ways:
Telephone: NI 028 9042 8314     ROI 01 670 4114
By email: